deliberative democracy

Why Debate is Good– Avoiding Ignorance

Throughout the time that I maintain this blog, I plan to write several posts about why debating is good (obviously, since this blog is about the value of debate and deliberative democracy). The first reason why debate is good– you learn from it.

Debate allows individuals to learn about a multitude of issues that they wouldn’t learn about otherwise. These discussions allow one to test notions and ideas in order to learn what other people think about them and see how they stand to logic. They allow one to learn various arguments and counter-arguments in order to strengthen and better ¬†understand their arguments. In actual debate, the topic is either so broad that it covers a large amount of information, or it changes so frequently that you’re forced to research a myriad of different topics. This produces a unique knowledge base that is difficult to acquire from other places and activities. Thus, debate is an incredibly educational activity.