Month: May 2014

Final Reflection

Hey all, this is probably going to be my last post on this blog, so I figured it was a good idea to reflect on it overall. I’m going to leave it online so it can become a permanent part of the depths of the internet, but here are a few last thoughts and what I hope you were able to take out of this blog–


1. Debate is awesome in every way and form– it’s educational, it’s fun, and it’s important for our democracy. You should participate in it if possible.


2. The world needs more debates and debaters– there are too many instances of uninformed people not understanding the facts or a given situation. Debates and debaters are able to convey these facts and situations in an effective, easy manner that helps people understand what’s even going on in the world. If you can, support a local debate team in order to help it grow.


3. DebatesĀ are good, fights are not– stay calm and collected and stick to the facts when debating and understand that even if someone doesn’t agree with you, that person probably has something kind of smart to say. It’s never a good idea to loose your cool and always a good idea to keep yourself focused.


Thanks so much for reading this blog. I hope it was as enjoyable and educational for you as it was for me.

Advocacy Project Reflection

Hey all, I recently went to the state debate tournament for high schoolers here in Virginia in order to talk to them about debating in college. It was a fairly successful event, as I was able to talk to about 30 different high school debaters who were at least mildly interested in learning about college debate. I had some problems though, as I was outshined by another school doing the same thing, and wasn’t able to properly talk to any of the high school debaters like I wanted to. However, this experience was excellent because it helped me learn what I need to be saying to high school debaters in order to advertise college debate, and how I need to be saying it. Considering that I’m more than likely going to conduct this event several more times in the future in some form, I’m pretty happy with my results.