Month: April 2014

Why Debate is Good– Essay Writing

Debate teaches essay writing skills. Because a debater is required to process information so quickly (as discussed in a previous post about reading skills), a debater is also able to regurgitate that information rapidly. That process of regurgitation allows a debater to make fluffy and long sentences quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t seem like it would make a major difference, but every debater that I’ve talked to has expressed the opinion that their time in debate has elevated their abilities to write essays. This is especially useful as college progresses, because each student will be required to write larger amounts more frequently. Thus, this skill is incredibly useful for progressing throughout a debater’s education.

Why Debate is Good– Reading Skills

A skill that isn’t really discussed that debate helps cultivate is the ability to read effectively. Because of the short time requirements that each individual competitor is forced to deal with during a debate, each debater much beĀ able to parse through information at an incredibly rapid pace. As such, a debater is forced to learn how to read and process information at incredible rates. And because of the speed in which one isĀ forced to speak during a policy debate, a policy debater specifically learns how to process information quickly as s/he speaks out loud. This has helped me with school and throughout my daily life, as I am capable of comprehending something that I am forced to read very quickly. It’s surprising to me that this skill isn’t discussed very often in articles and posts about the value of debating, because it’s certainly an indispensable skill for one’s every and work life. I suppose it’s just something that people don’t think about very often.