Public Debate

I haven’t focused a lot on public debates throughout this blog, and since I’m planning on finishing writing it soon, I wanted to write a post about public debate. Since most of us are not able to be involved in the debate team in high schools or colleges, I think it’s important that people know other ways to be involved in what is probably the most educational and useful activity their is. Thus, it’s important for people to be involved with public debate.


Other than the educational value of public debate, the activity has importance in that it involves the community in an issue that is important to them, thus strengthening deliberative democracy. Deliberative democracy is especially important considering how easy it is for citizens to have their rights taken away, thus making it important for people to be express their opinions and have their voices heard.


So how do you get involved in public debates? There are a couple ways to do so. First, you should contact your local government offices and see if they have any information. Figure out what the main issues are affecting your community and figure out if someone has organized an event around discussing it. If no one has, you could even organize your own public debate to invite members of the community to discuss the issue. Additionally, if you live in a community with a college close-by, chances are you have access to some kind of debate organization that holds public debates. My school certainly holds numerous public debates each year in which several members of the community show up and participate in what quickly becomes an educational discussion about an issue affecting the community.


Since it’s so important and definitely possible to be involved in public debates, I strongly suggest that you get involved.

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