Why Debate is Good– Shaping Arguments

This article is by a former debater and rising comedian who has put the skills she’s learned from debating in high school to excellent usage. She indicates that when she was just going into high school, she was constantly argumentative but didn’t really have any direction or form of her arguments, and that joining the debate team helped her out with that (she even indicates that it helped her convince her parents to let her drink in her house). I think this is another skill that is underrepresented as something that debate helps teach– shaping arguments. While most teenagers and young adults are always wanting to argue, they don’t really know how, and they often times present ineffective and useless arguments just to have them. Debating helps teach a person how to formulate a position in an intelligent manner, making their point go across more effectively and efficiently. This in turn helps teach not only the debater how to convey arguments better, but also the person who the debater is arguing with different argument styles and points.

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